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ABOA 2021 was composed of 8 students studying biomedicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry and health technology at both bachelor’s and master’s degree levels in the University of Turku. The aim of the project was to aid the situation of the Baltic Sea by contributing to the development of a microbial wastewater treatment system for the degradation of pharmaceutical waste. The focus of the project was particularly on the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac, and the aim was to detoxify it with laccase enzymes produced in modified microbes. The team competed in the environmental track and, in addition to achieving a silver medal, was nominated in the Best Inclusivity category. Read more:

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PI: Pauli Kallio

Instructor: Hariharan Dandapani

Team members: Malin Eriksson, Juuli Hietarinne, Laura Hamdi, Julia Pyysalo, Jenni Vuorio, Milja Lempinen, Tiia Ylikangas and Waltteri Hatulainen

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