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Our team


Malin Eriksson

Student of biochemistry


Juuli Hietarinne

Student of biomedicine


Sini Kylä-Kaila

Student of biotechnology


Minttu Turunen

Student of biomedicine


Nelli Heiskanen

Student of biomedicine


Anni Marjomaa

Student of biology


Otto Rydman

Student of biochemistry


Evelina Ojaniittu

Student of biotechnology


Kristiina Keski-Oja

Student of biochemistry


Iida Raaska

Student of biochemistry


Jesper Mickos

Student of biochemistry


Kevät Sova

Student of biochemistry


Jonna Pohjankukka

Student of biochemistry


Sofia Antin

Student of biochemistry

We have a very dedicated team of 14 with various backgrounds in the field of natural sciences. All our team members are Bachelor’s or Master’s program students from the University of Turku and we are majoring in biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedicine and biology. Additionally, our minors in various fields such as business, bioinformatics, chemistry and information technology will benefit our project and help us reach our goals. We have worked together since December 2021, and we have developed different subteams to ensure efficient planning in each sector of the project.

Person responsible for the project: Asst. Prof. Pauli Kallio, Ph.D., Molecular Plant Biology, Department of Life Technologies, Faculty of Technology, University of Turku (

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