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ABOA 2022 was composed of 14 students studying biomedicine, biochemistry and biotechnology at both bachelor’s and master’s degree levels in the University of Turku.

The aim of the project was to develop easy, on-site bioassay for farmers to detect plant pathogens. Developed detection system, CropFold, is utilizing the bacterial protein expression system, without actual living bacterial cells. This cell-free based system allowed easier user experience while also taking biosafety issues into account.

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PI: Pauli Kallio

Team members: Jesper Mickos, Anni Marjomaa, Evelina Ojaniittu, Iida Raaska, Jonna Pohjankukka, Kevät Sova, Malin Eriksson, Nelli Heiskanen, Minttu Turunen, Kristiina Keski-Oja, Sini Kylä-Kaila, Juuli Hietarinne, Otto Rydman and Sofia Antin.

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