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Recruitment for 2023!


ABOA 2023 will be participating again in iGEM! Do you wish to carry out your own research project? Or want to create social media content and videos? Maybe you are the rising star of fundraising. Or do you want to work on applying your coding or bioinformatics skills? Perhaps communicate with stakeholders and enhance your presentation skills? Or simply meet new people and have fun while learning new skills?

Recruitment has ended!

What is iGEM? iGEM, or International Genetically Engineered Machine, is a non-profit organization that hosts an international and the biggest synthetic biology competition every year. The aim of the competition is to tackle local and current problems through synthetic biology. Every year, the competition culminates in the Giant Jamboree, where teams from all around the world gather to present their work and celebrate their achievements. In 2022, the Grand Jamboree was held in Paris, France.

Aboa is a fully student-led multidisciplinary team, with members from various backgrounds. The team gets to design their own project according to their interests. Synthetic biology has applications in various fields including, but not limited to, medicine, diagnostics, food development, conservation, and green energy. Now the next team can leave their mark and focus on solving a real problem with real impact. There is also the possibility of earning up to 10 ECTS by participating. For examples and inspiration, you can take a look at Aboa's previous projects or explore some of the best performing projects from previous years! 2022 Finalists 2021 Finalists 2020 Finalists 2019 Finalists

If you are interested in conducting a synthetic biology research project and gaining valuable experience, apply from the form below! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us through Instagram or email.

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